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We are not your average web design company.  Headquartered in Long Island, New York, Herick Kumar Web Designs represents clients in the greater NY area.  Our company is about specializing in all web design & development matters, from the seed of an idea to the final product. Whether you’re a large or small business, artist, photographer, musician, designer, engineer, or freelancer, we will not only develop your website, but we’ll also help it reach your target audience.  

We bring immense experience and professionalism to every project and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.  We want to see you and your business thrive online!

Areas of Expertise

  • Unique Websites
  • Responsive Design
  • User Experience
  • Website Hosting
  • eCommerce
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Data Analysis

Herick Kumar

Creator & Founder

Herick Kumar has been practicing web design & development for eight years.  His journey began in high school during the 10th grade where he chose web design as an elective.  Immediately he was captivated by the power that programming and web design could offer.  Herick’s professor, John Walsh, provided excellent mentoring during the class and his unique teaching style made a lasting impact on him.  Throughout high school, Herick grew more comfortable with programming languages and created distinct projects.

Love for web design compelled Herick to start his own company.  With years of experience and determination, and with the support of his family, he founded Herick Kumar Web Designs.  His vision for his company was to create beautiful websites for businesses that were purposeful and practical.

Herick is a self-taught web designer.  He has a keen eye for design elements and aesthetics.  His passion for web design can be seen through his work.  His ability to brainstorm designs, process them, and then implement them for his clients is unmatched.  He always creates the right design based on a clients image.  Feel free to reach out to him for any questions.


Herick Kumar Web Designs is a boutique web design & marketing company that provides services to clients worldwide. We guarantee your satisfaction with all the work we provide. Contact us for more information.

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