Mobile web browsing has become huge with advancements in smartphone technologies and internet infrastructure.  Having a website that works on mobile devices is just as important as having one that works on a computer.  In fact, some people do all their browsing exclusively on mobile devices.  Without a responsive design you’re holding your business back.  We create websites that function and look brilliant on devices of all sizes.  All of our web design packages include a responsive web design!

Responsive Web Design Components

Competitive Advantage

More than half of web browsing is now done on smartphones yet the web is still cluttered with unresponsive sites.  This means that there's a high probability that people will visit the mobile version of your website before they visit the desktop version.  A poorly developed site will cause user's to leave and not recommend your business to others.  Gain an edge on your competitors by having a responsive web design that scales on all devices. 

Search Engine Ranking

Statistics show that having a responsive web design lowers load speeds and increases traffic to your site by 25%.  This is because Google has stated that responsive design is their preferred mobile configuration and Google ranks sites that use responsive design higher than regular or mobile-friendly sites.  Responsive design is a huge game changer that could drastically boost your business and land your website on the front page of Google.


A responsive web design allows you to have a single website that fits various screen sizes.  By choosing to go with a responsive web design you save yourself the time, money, and headache of having to build a completely separate website just for mobile devices.  Responsive designs keep things simple by having a single website with a single URL.  This is beneficial because your user's won't have to wait to be redirected to another site.


When you choose a responsive web design you can rest assured that all the content will scale seamlessly between computer, phone, and tablet with no distorted images or text.  Visitors won't have to pinch to zoom just to read descriptions or view some pictures.  The browsing experience is the same on all devices.  Responsive designs consistently perform which is why they're the recommended layout by many web developers.  

Service Includes

  • Improved SEO
  • UI/UX Design
  • Compatibility
  • Flexible Content
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Extensive Testing

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